There are five planes ready for departure at an airport. The number of passengers on each plane is..

There are five rolls disposed for disappearance at an airport. The calculate of passengers on each roll is displayed in Table 11.18. Each roll requires 10 minutes to taxi to the runway and 2 minutes to engage off (i.e., there needs to be 2 minutes between disappearances). If the air intercourse leader wants to minimize the weighted middle calculate of passengers stoppage for disappearance (i.e., weighted by the calculate of passengers on the roll), in what posteriority should the rolls engage off? [11.3]

a. A, B, C, D, E

b. B, A, D, E, C

c. C, B, E, A, D

d. C, E, D, A, B

e. It doesn’t stuff what posteriority they quit in accordingly they feel similar processing times.