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Theory and action

Type: Essay

Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Due Date:

16 Jun 14 11:59

Weight: 45%

2,000 accounts

Task Description:

Topic: System and Practice

Essay: 2,000 accounts

Weight: 45%

Due date: 16 June

In counterpart to a instance consider supposing by the Nursing Dissertationr, students are required to bound and picture foul-mouthed (4) collective operation theories and manifest how these theories dedicate to the instance supposing. The essay succeed demand to manifest students understandledge of the impost, mediation and evaluation processes of collective operation action and assign to the AASW Standards for Action and the AASW Code of Ethics (copies can be cheap on Blackboard) linking all to the instance consider.

In this essay, you succeed use a insufficiency of 8 assignences. All of these assignences demand to follow from collective operation study. Students must not plead Nursing Dissertation slides, Wikipedia or websites for this impost.

Essay requirements:

Essays demand to be written using a dimension 12 font, 1.5 cord spacing and after a occasionliness a Harvard Referencing title.

All essays succeed be submitted via Turnitin. Please note: any essays unimportant a co-ordination fame of 15% or aggravate succeed be assignred to the conscientiousness administrator for a plagarisim impost.

Criteria & Marking:

Assessment 4 Part A noteing criteria

Understanding and addressing of labor LENGTH 2,000 WORDS Marks 45

Demonstrated understandledge of the determination of each of the theories disjoined

1 note for understandledge each system;

1 note for demonstrating an understandledge of the origins of each system.



Little or no understandledge of the theories disjoined.


Demonstrated understandledge of the impression of those theories to the instance situation

2 notes for demonstrating the impression of each of the theories to action.



Little or no understandledge of the impression of system to action


Demonstrated understandledge of impost used in collective operation action

2 notes for clarity environing an understandledge of impost for each system.



Little or no understandledge of impost used in collective operation action


Demonstrated understandledge of mediation using each of theories disjoined

2 notes for demonstrating understandledge of mediations used for each system.



Little or no understandledge of mediation used in collective operation action


Demonstrated understandledge of evaluation used for each of the elder mediations

1 note for understandledge evaluation and the impression to the elder mediations.


Little or no understandledge of evaluation used in collective operation action


Demonstrated ability to use collective operation study and the AASW Code of Ethics and the AASW Standards of Practice.

1 note for the use of a separate class collective operation study; 1 each for applied assignence to the AASW Standards of Action and Code of Ethics.


Limited use of collective operation study and the AASW Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.



Good rhetoric, emend spelling and emend account elongation.

½ each for rhetoric and spelling and 1 note for account elongation.


Several ungrammatical sentences,

or inemend account elongation.


Correct passage of assignences

2 notes for emend in quotation assignencing and 2 notes for emend assignence register.


Inemend assignencing


/ 45

Case scenario for the SWSP1033 elder assignment

Agency context:

You are a of-late graduated collective operationer who is occupied as a instanceworker in a narrow non-government exercise. Your form “Pathfinders for Young People” is an interior city boy benefit in Brisbane. The organisation provides counsel; assignral; average to hanker term instanceoperation help, esthetic aid and housing abettance to young nation. Access to benefits is fixed on those nation who are inferior the age of 25 years.

Presenting issue:

Emily Lang is an 18 year old dame who has presented at the exercise in a dismal particularize requesting esthetic aid abettance to forfeiture a bus ticket so she can pilgrimage to Townsville to be after a occasionliness her biological senior, Jack Rogers (who operations on the phalanx cheap in catering).

Background counsel gathered at 1st interview:

Emily operationed at a persomal café until she was fired 2 weeks ago. She had charmed too frequent days off diseased so the boss told her she had to go consequently she was rejected (this was her merely allowance). Emily particularized that she was quite abashed by that trial but as-well-mannered truly excited at the deed it wasn’t her drawtail she had to conduct off so frequent diseased days. She explained how augustly she truly loved the operation and the nation and that leaving was not her precious. When questioned environing what she meant she told you her incident.

Emily is the oldest of three posterity. The other posterity Lauren (patriarchal 14 years) and Benjamin (patriarchal 8 years) stationary speed at settlement after a occasionliness their woman Bridget and step-senior Scott Lang. Her woman and biological senior disjoined when Ben was a baby and she re-married environing two years posterior. When her woman re-married they all transitional their designates by niggardly habit to Lang and occasionliness Emily has been going by this extraction designate gone that occasion she feels she would enjoy to go tail to her legitimate designate Rogers.

Emily particularizes that her step-senior is vehement to her woman and to all of them and environing 3 years ago her woman established to worst them up as well-mannered, specially when they didn’t do things correspondently enjoy Scott wanted. There were frequent occasions she couldn’t go to operation consequently of the bruises on her countenance and neck where her woman attacked her. She says that her woman usually annoy her environing the countenance area and Scott would use the enclose and hit her environing the tail and tailside. Emily tells you that Scott is a develop instructor and “plays the agreeserviceable guy act” to everyone so no-body understands what he is doing at settlement. In deed, she particularizes the neighbours, extraction and friends hold he is august and they are a consecrated extraction.

As she tells her incident you note a note on her arm that appears to play a knife damage and you ask her environing it. Emily covers it at-once and then hesitantly explains that she has been stinging herself (self-harming) for some occasion but gone the vexation at settlement has gotten worse she feels the demand to do it over and over. There enjoy not been any hospital admissions or medical composition for this as she has been serviceserviceable to preserve the damages and scars mysterious so no-one but you understand environing this. She tells you that the note you saw she did two weeks ago (when she was fired) and is causing her a lot of trouble and is not beneficial enjoy the others.

Through whimper she tells you that she is at breach object and discloses that she has been seriously because killing herself. Emily has not seen her senior gone she was 14 and understands he has another extraction but she says everything would be meliorate than help after a occasionliness her woman and stepfather’s force.