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Theory is a spontaneous extension of the philosophy of truth, and presumptive frameworks underpin any and entire detecty drawing and examine. For this assignment, you procure familiarize yourself after a while the ocean theories and theorists in your room so that you may befit more quainted in your training's presumptive groundations and detecty approaches.

Note: This Application is due in A Week.

To arrange for this Application:

  • Review Chapters 3, 4, and 5 in the mode extract, A Primer in Theory Construction.
  • Review Chapter 3 in the mode extract, Research Design.
  • Using the library, and any other media at your classification, detect the forcible theories in your room. What are they?
  • Identify the commencement of the theories, their authors or developers, and thesource symbolical where you can experience these theories.
  • Analyze and assess the analogy betwixt two theories that you own ground. Does one unfold upon or relation the other?
  • Identify at last five "classics," or forcible works, in your training. Why are they forcible? How ample are they relationd today?

The assignment:

  • Craft a 3- to 4-page tract in which you harangue the subjoined instructions and questions:
    • Identify two key theories in your room.
    • Identify the theorist(s) and sources of the theories (key articles or books) in your training.
    • Describe the basic catechism of these theories.
    • Analyze and assess the analogy betwixt the two theories you own ground.
    • Explain why these theories are so forcible to your training and how they recount to the detecty you are animated in doing.
Include a relation register for the five "classics" or inf