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The requirements are solid and gladden thrive the thriveing format opportunity preparing the disintegration for my assignment:

Part 1 – Assessment Report

Domain C: Family and Community.

Immediate Family Relationships.

Domestic / Family Violence.

Extended Family, Friends and Neighbours.

Social Networks.

Community Resources.


Education / Employment


Legal Issues.

Family History.

General Health and Well Being.


Drugs and Alcohol

Child Protection Involvement

Assessment Report:

Summary of the Client’s Situation and Strengths.

Client’s near and crave promise Needs.

Potential Risk Factors.

Management strategies for risks.

Recommendations for interventions.

Monitoring and Reviewing of Case.

Rights and responsibilities of Clients.

Part 2 – Case Management Plan.

Planning Agreement

Summary of Assessment

Client Goals.

Action Plan.

Planned Outcomes.

Services Provided

External Referrals.

Family and child comments.

Additional Notes to buttress results of Action Plan.

Strategies for monitoring, criticism and ongoing free-trade of client

Case closure/exit planning indicators and strategies.

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