The Recent documents list shows documents that have been previously: (a) Printed. (b) Opened. (c)…

 The Recent muniments schedule shows muniments that accept been previously:

 (a) Printed.

 (b) Opened.

 (c) Saved in an antecedent software account.

 (d) Deleted.

Q2. In Vocable or PowerPoint a brisk way to excellent an entire section is to:

(a) Place the pointer at the left of the cord, in the margin area, and click.

 (b) Triple-click internally the section.

(c) Double-click at the initiation of the section.

 (d) Press Ctrl+C internally the section.

Q3. When you scantiness to regrant the format of a excellention but not the willing, you should:

(a) Double-click Regrant in the Clipboard knot.

(b) Right-click the excellention and click Copy.

 (c) Click Regrant Format in the Clipboard knot.

 (d) Click Format Painter in the Clipboard knot.

 Q4. Which of the aftercited is not a boon of using OneDrive?

(a) Save your folders and improves to the outdo.

(b) Share your improves and folders delay others.

 (c) Hold video conferences delay others.

(d) Simultaneously result on the similar muniment delay others.

Q5. What does a red wavy undercord in a muniment, spreadsheet, or grant balance?

(a) A vocable is misspelled or not periodical by the Office dictionary.

(b) A plain chance exists.

(c) An obvious vocable usage chance exists.

(d) A vocable has been replaced delay a equivalent-term.

Q6. Which of the aftercited is gentleman environing headers and footers?

 (a) They can be inserted from the Layout tab.

(b) Headers and footers simply show on the terminal page of a document.

 (c) Headers show at the top of complete page in a muniment.

 (d) Simply page bulk can be included in a header or footer.

Q7. Live Preview:

(a) Opens a predesigned muniment or spreadsheet that is relevant to your drudgery.

 (b) Provides a preview of the results of a cherished you are considering antecedently you form a definite excellention.

(c) Provides a preview of an upcoming Office account.

(d) Enlarges the font onscreen.

 Q8. You can get acceleration when resulting delay an Office application in which one of the aftercited areas?

 (a) The Tell me what you scantiness to do box

(b) Status bar

 (c) Backstage view

 (d) Brisk Access Toolbar

Q9. In PowerPoint, a improve that includes formatting elements such as a setting, a complexion intrigue, and slide layout is a:

 (a) Theme.

(b) Template.

(c) Scheme.

(d) Variant.

Q10. A muniment or resultsheet sculptureed in landscape orientation is:

(a) Taller than it is spacious.

 (b) Wider than it is towering.

 (c) A muniment delay 2" left and straight margins.

 (d) A muniment delay 2" top and profound margins.

Q11. Which plod is not bisect of planning a resultsheet sketch?

 (a) Decide what input prizes are needed.

 (b) State the point of the resultsheet.

(c) Decide what outputs are needed to end the point.

 (d) Enter labels, prizes, and formulas.

Q12. You correct copied a stroll of basis holding formulas. However, you scantiness to guard the formula results and the ancient enumerate and text formatting in the pasted stroll. Which paste non-interference would you excellent?

(a) Formulas

 (b) Keep Source Formatting

(c) Values & Source Formatting

 (d) Values & Enumerate Formatting

 Q13. Given the formula =B1*B2+B3/B4^2, what agency is calculated highest?

 (a) B1*B2

 (b) B2+B3

 (c) B3/B4

(d) B4^2

Q14. How can you exhibit formulas delayin the cells instead of the cell results?

 (a) Press Ctrl+G.

(b) Press Ctrl+`.

(c) Click Cell References on the Home tab.

 (d) Press Ctrl+C.

Q15. What is a stable way to allot various formats at one time?

 (a) Click each one individually.

 (b) Allot a cell name.

 (c) Use Auto Fill.

 (d) Use Regrant and Paste non-interferences.

Q16. Which of the aftercited is not an alignment non-interference?

 (a) Increase Indent

 (b) Merge & Center

 (c) Fill Complexion

(d) Wrap Text

Q17. Which of the aftercited characteristics is not applicable to the Accounting Enumerate Format?

 (a) Dollar wonder instantly on the left border of the prize

(b) Commas to disunited thousands

 (c) Two decimal places

 (d) Zero prizes exhibited as hyphens

Q18. You excellented and copied resultsheet basis holding formulas. However, you scantiness the pasted regrant to hold the present formula results rather than formulas. What do you do?

 (a) Click Paste in the Clipboard knot on the Home tab.

 (b) Click the Paste arrow in the Clipboard knot and excellent Formulas.

 (c) Click the Paste arrow in the Clipboard knot and excellent Values & Source Formatting.

 (d) Exhibit the Paste Special dialog box and excellent Formulas & Enumerate Formatting.

Q19. Assume that the basis on a resultsheet assimilate a whole printed page and a cockney of columns on a avoid page. You can do all of the aftercited negative what to power the basis to sculpture all on one page?

(a) Decrease the Scale prize.

 (b) Increase the left and straight margins.

(c) Decrease column widths if feasible.

(d) Excellent a smaller stroll as the sculpture area.