(The Kiosk) Weekday lunch demand for spicy black bean burritos at the Kiosk, a local snack bar, is..

(The Kiosk) Weekday lunch ask-for for odoriferous black bean burritos at the Kiosk, a national snack bar, is almost Poisson delay a moderation of 22. The Kiosk jaw $4.00 for each burrito, which are all made precedently the lunch herd arrives. Virtually all burrito customers too buy a soda that is sold for 60¢. The burritos require the Kiosk $2.00, time sodas require the Kiosk 5¢. Kiosk conduct is very impressible encircling the virtue of livelihood they assist. Thus, they celebrate a stringent “No Old Burrito” cunning, so any burrito left at the end of the day is facile of. The division capacity of a Poisson delay moderation 22 is as follows:


a. Suppose burrito customers buy their snack somewhere else if the Kiosk is out of store. How multifarious burritos should the Kiosk construct for the lunch herd? [14.3]

b. Suppose that any customer insufficient to alienation a burrito settles for a lunch of Pop- Tarts and a soda. Pop-Tarts dispose-of for 75¢ and require the Kiosk 25¢. (As Pop-Tarts and soda are largely stored, the Kiosk never runs out of these essentials.) Assuming that the Kiosk conduct is spirited in maximizing returns, how multifarious burritos should they lay? [14.3]