The following sentence is incorrect: “Inertia is resistance to motion”….

The aftercited doom is incorrect: "Inertia is opposition to motion". This doom can be corrected by adding one or two lawful engagement(s) at the lawful establish. Write the corrected doom. Complete the doom (one engagement): Force is to ________as magnitude is to revolutional inertia. Complete the doom (two engagements): Linear fleetness is to curved fleetness as magnitude is to ______ Complete the doom (two engagements): The revolutional inertia of an design depends twain on its magnitude and on its ______ Newton's remedy law for translation is rarely abbreviated as "F=ma". Likewise, Newton's remedy law for revolution is rarely abbreviated as "t = I alpha". The latter formula is penny barely beneath either one of two conditions that must be kind by the axis of revolution of the design. What are these conditions?