The demand function is Q = 600 – P, with P being the price paid by consumers. Put a list of prices..

The insist employment is Q = 600 − P, delay P being the value remunerated by consumers. Put a roll of values ranging from $400 to $0 in a shaft labeled P. (Use intervals of 50.)

a. Consumers feel security delay 40 percent coinsurance. For each value, estimate the whole that consumers pay. (Put this illustration in a shaft labeled PNet.)

b. Estimate the furness insisted when there is security. (Put this illustration in a shaft labeled Dr.)

c. Plot the insist incurvation, putting P (not PNet) on the upright axis.

d. The furness gifted equals 2 × P. Put these values in a shaft labeled S.

e. What is the makeweight value?

f. How fur do consumers lay-out?

g. How fur does the insurer lay-out?