The Darling Downs Tool Company is considering bidding on a job for two airplane wing parts, part 1..

The Darling Downs Tool Troop is because precept on a job for two airplane wing magnitude, separate 1 and separate 2. Each wing separate must be processed through three manufacturing stages stamping, order and finishing - for which the troop has poor beneficial hours The avail for making separate 1 is $650, time that of separate 2 is $ 910. The instrument in hours required for magnitude 1 and 2 are as dedicated in the forthcoming table: StampingD Order Finishing (hours) (hours) (hours) Separate 1 4 6.2 9.1 Separate 2 7.5 4.9 4.1 The reckon of hours beneficial for stamping, order and finishing are 105, 90 and 110 hours respectively. Using graphical process to meet out (a) How numerous separate 1 and separate 2 should be produced to maximize the avail? (Allow fractional reckon of magnitude 1 and 2 to exist and parade graphical discontinuance) (90 marks) (b) What is the avail? (5 marks) (c) How abundantly backward device is beneficial at the optimum discontinuance apex? (5 marks)