The CEO of a 400-bed hospital has scheduled a board of directors meeting to discuss the current… 1 answer below »

The CEO of a 400-bed hospital has scheduled a consideration of directors convocation to argue the general financial seat of the hospital and steps that scarcity to be manufactured to redress some general problems. The CFO scarcitys to despatch each consideration limb an description of the financial declarations that they gain be argueing. You are the Director of Finance and he has asked you to put concomitantly a memo, illustrateing each declaration. Do the following:
  • Provide a portraiture of the most beggarly disgusting declarations used among your hospital and what advice is advantageous in each.
  • Make firm you illustrate each ocean components/section of each declaration.

NOTE: You can unfold your own set of declarations or lore and draw healthcare financial declarations online.

Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages

Assignment Objectives

Discuss the wave of the institutional erection on the mould and satisfied of financial declarations and represent how financial grounds are assembled and integrated onto an compound set of financial declarations.