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Developing an Evaluation Plan
Why unfold an evaluation scheme? An evaluation scheme is a compendious written instrument that portrays all of your intentional evaluation activities. An evaluation scheme can: ? Succor you be more disconnected and compendious in your evaluation efforts ? Synthesize evaluation efforts abutting multiple programs ? Ensure a bearing and advantageous evaluation ? Increase staff and stakeholder buy-in ? Succor your team adhere to its scheme ? Be shared (delay funders, brotherhood members, etc.) to evince your organization’s commitment to highquality programs and services How do I prepare? Your evaluation scheme should portray the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW of your intentional evaluation activities. Here are some things that you should conceive: 1. Engaging Stakeholders: WHO conquer be concerned in your evaluation? ? Identify all the stakeholders in your program. (A stakeholder is anyone who has an cause in your program, such as staff, clients, brotherhood members, funders, or consideration members.) ? Identify what role they conquer reproduce-exhibit in the evaluation. ? Explain how your program schemes to underneathtake stakeholders as dissecticipants in the evaluation system. (What stamps of meetings or activities conquer you conceive stakeholders in?) Fact Study: For each of the subjoined steps, examples conquer be installed on this fact study: “Healthy Boy is a boy courage that standpointes on sanity advice programs for boy ages 12–18. They possess been in exercise for 2 years and are encircling to guide their pristine evaluation.” Tip: An Evaluation Scheme can be in passage format or consultation format. The subjoined are examples in consultation format. Example Step 1: Engaging Stakeholders: Create a register of all practicable stakeholders and their role in the evaluation. Name Role Role in evaluation Maria F. Boy Program Director Evaluation Coordinator Alex R. Counselor Collects facts Ana, Marcus, Lee Clients Boy Advisory Consideration and dissect of standpoint collation Don P. Consideration Member Planning and receives results Ana C. Funderneath Receives results 2. Focusing the evaluation: WHAT particularally are you enigmatical to evaluate, WHAT stamp of evaluation makes the most feeling for you, and WHY? ? Select the stamp of evaluation (system evaluation, end evaluation, cost-benefit partition, etc.) that conquer succor you exculpation your evaluation questions. (See the Evaluation Glossary for definitions of divergent stamps of evaluation.) ? Decide on an evaluation appropinquation (participatory, prevalent, qualification), and an evaluation sketch [tentative (delay a moderate collation), quasi-tentative (delay a comparison collation), or non-experimental] that is divert to your accelerationful media and the flatten of testimony and bearishness needed. (See the Evaluation Glossary for definitions of divergent stamps of evaluation appropinquationes and sketchs.) ? Define particular evaluation questions. o Look at your program’s floating objectives. Decide if you be evaluating all of these objectives, or barely some. (Look to late impart applications for program objectives and re-examine if needed). o What else do you neglect to comprehend encircling your program? Unfold new evaluation objectives. 2 Example Step 2: Focusing the Evaluation: Stamp of Evaluation: Accordingly the program is new and this is the pristine evaluation they possess guideed, they chose to use a cabal of system and ends evaluation. Evaluation Approach: As a boy qualification program, they chose to use dissecticipatory evaluation in regulate to succor their boy dissecticipants unfold subjoined skills. Some elements of the evaluation conquer also be produced delay a prevalent appropinquation (using an without evaluator). Evaluation Design: As a feeble, brotherhood program, they didn’t neglect (or possess the ability) to do an tentative sketch, relish a randomized moderate gauge. Also, accordingly they are implementing testimony-installed interventions, the “evidence” encircling their programs is already very vigorous. Accordingly of this, they firm to do a quasi-tentative sketch and use their program endure register as a “comparison collation.” Evaluation Questions: The program chose to evaluate 4 pristine objectives and created an subjoined 3 evaluation questions. Here is how they unfolded evaluation questions installed on twain old and new objectives. Pristine Objective 1: “During each ground year (from September through June), at last 100 boy ages 12– 18 conquer dissecticipate in Sound Boy programs” Evaluation Question 1: How multifarious boy possess dissecticipated in divergent Sound Boy programs? Pristine Objective 2: “During each ground year (from September through June), Sound Boy staff conquer outreach to at last 6 grounds and conquer scrutinize at last 4 classrooms in each ground.” Evaluation Question 2: How multifarious grounds possess staff scrutinizeed, and how multifarious classrooms delayin each ground? Pristine Objective 3: “By the end of the ground year (June), boy who listen Sound Boy conquer possess improved sanityy behaviors in the areas of sanityy eating, substantial disposition, encounter superintendence, and despatch.” Evaluation Question 3: What changes in alimentation, substantial disposition, encounter superintendence, and despatch possess boy dissecticipants familiar? Pristine Objective 4: “By the end of the ground year (June), boy who listen Sound Boy conquer possess improved ground listenance.” Evaluation Question 4: What changes in ground listenance possess boy dissecticipants familiar? New Evaluation Question 5: Which dissects of the boy brotherhood are underneathneath and balance represented (in provisions of geographic area, ground, age, gender, ethnicity, and source pay flatten)? New Evaluation Question 6: Which programs/activities are the most liked, and which are the last liked? New Evaluation Question 7: What is the mediocre flatten of dissecticipation (in other language, how multifarious divergent programs do boy dissecticipate in) and what is the flatten of dissecticipation needed to application ground listenance? 3. Gathering Credible Evidence: HOW conquer you exculpation your evaluation questions? ? Decide on methods for facts collation. (Qualitative or leading methods; surveys, standpoint collations, contemplation, instrument criticism, etc. See the Evaluation Glossary for definitions of divergent stamps of methods.) ? Select or unfold the particular facts sources or instruments you conquer use (e.g., pre/post tests, standardized forms). (See the Evaluation Glossary for definitions of divergent stamps of instruments.) ? Unfold a timeline for facts collation. ? Determine who conquer be collecting this facts, when it conquer be composed, and where it conquer be composed.