Tex Turner Telecommunications Company needs to raise $1.8 billion (face value) of debt funds over… 1 answer below »

Tex Turner Telecommunications Association needs to elevate $1.8 billion (visage estimate) of claim funds aggravate the direct two years. If it were to use unwritten (steadfast commitment) underwritings, the association would forebode to own six underwritings aggravate the two-year brace. The underwriter disseminate would slight be $7.50 per chain, and out-of-pocket expenses paid by the association would entirety $350,000 per underwriting. With oblution registrations, the mean extent of aid would probably be $75 darling. Here the estimated disseminate is $3 per chain, and out-of-pocket expenses of $40,000 per end are forebodeed.

a. Ignoring cause costs and the occasion estimate of coin, what are the entirety despotic costs of flotation aggravate the two years for (1) the unwritten underwriting mode of aid securities? (2) the oblution registration mode?

b. Which mode results in inferior entirety costs?