(Study Desk) You are in charge of designing a supply chain for furniture distribution. One of your.. 1 answer below »

(Study Desk) You are in inculpate of cunning a minister manacle for furniture classification. One of your products is a consider desk. This desk comes in two distortions: ebon and cherry. Weekly require for each desk archearchetype is recognized after a while balance 100 and measure hiatus 65 (demands for the two distortions are refractory). The carry term from the galaxy fix to the hawk supply is two weeks and you dispose schedule replenishments weekly. There is no artistic movables schedule at the fix (desks are amassd to dispose for grant to the supply).

a. What is the expected on-hand schedule of desks at the supply (ebon and cherry simultaneously) if you adhere-to a 97 percent in-supply likelihood for each desk distortion? [17.3] You observe that barely the top keep-akeep-apart of the desk is ebon or cherry; the difference (base) is made of the measure silvery metal. Hence, you insinuate that the supply supply ebon and cherry tops individually from silvery deeps and amass them when require occurs. The replenishment carry term for components is stationary two weeks. Furthermore, you stationary cull an disposeup- to raze for each top to engender a 97 percent in-supply likelihood.

b. What is the expected on-hand schedule of ebon tops? [17.3]

c. How abundantly less schedule of silvery deeps do you own on mediocre at the supply after a while the new in-supply galaxy plot not-absolute to the primordial method in which desks are delivered largely amassd? (Hint: Remember that each amassd desk requires one top and one deep.) [17.3]