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Using Media to Pleader and Influence

Assignment Overview

The Session Long Project entails you going through the manner of influencing policymakers. Under the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox contrivance, learn the exception on “Writing to Policymakers.” You succeed mention internal the deep of that page, “specimen messages” and “kindred subscription.” Learn these exceptions as you succeed use them throughout your Session Long Project.

Your Task

For this disunite of the Session Long Project you succeed be match on “abutting a tender” (see specimen message at the deep of the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox contrivance). Transcribe on abutting any tender that is kindred to the class noted in SLP1. You may elect to pleader for shift at the generally-known, propound, or generally-known flatten.

  1. Using the corresponding subject-matter from SLP 1, realize the flatten you wish to transcribe to (local, propound, or generally-known).
  2. For this SLP assignment, you succeed be match on “abutting a tender.”
  3. Choose one of the kindred subscription on the deep of the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox (incongruous from the one you used for SLP 1). Describe the key points of the time (one portion) and how it relates to influencing policymakers (one portion).
  4. Write a one-page message, that encompasses the knowledge from the over 3 bullets (on “abutting a tender”).

Note: The chief page addresses collection 1-3. The relieve page is a one-page message on “abutting a tender” and encompasses the knowledge from questions 1-3 (see specimen messages for control). Remember, your message is on “abutting a tender.”

SLP Assignment Expectations

Length: 2 pages.

Your result succeed be evaluated grounded on the achievement toll grading rubric criteria. Review it antecedently you originate resulting on the assignment.