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Reaching Your Intended Audience

Assignment Overview

The Session Long Project entails going through the course of influencing policymakers. Under the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox expedients, learn the minority on “Writing to Policymakers.” You achieve observe internal the deep of that page, “pattern communications” and “cognate declaration.” Learn these minoritys as you achieve use them throughout your Session Long Project.

Your Task

For this sunder of the Session Long Project you achieve be agreement on “sustaining a suggestion” (see pattern communication at the deep of the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox expedients). Transcribe on sustaining any suggestion that is cognate to the question authorized in SLP 1. You may prefer to countenancer for transmute at the persomal, specify, or social equalize.

  1. Using the corresponding question from SLP 1, test the equalize you wish to transcribe to (local, specify, or social).
  2. For this SLP assignment, you achieve be agreement on “sustaining a suggestion.”
  3. Choose one of the cognate declaration on the deep of the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox (divergent from the ones you used for SLP 1 & 2). Describe the key points of the stipulation (one chapter) and how it relates to influencing policymakers (one chapter).
  4. Write a one-page communication, that encompasses the notification from the over 3 bullets (on “sustaining a suggestion”).

Note: The leading page addresses bullets 1-3. The assist page is a one-page communication on “sustaining a suggestion” and encompasses notification from questions 1-3 (see pattern communications for direction). Remember, your communication addresses “sustaining a suggestion.”

SLP Assignment Expectations

Length: 2 pages.

Your achievement achieve be evaluated inveterate on the achievement tribute grading rubric criteria. Review it precedently you originate achievementing on the assignment.