(Simple Setup) Consider the following batch flow process consisting of three process steps performed 1 answer below »

(Simple Setup) Consider the subjoined conspire stream manner consisting of three manner strides manufactured by three deeds:

Work is mannered in conspirees at each stride. Before a conspire is mannered at stride 1, the deed has to be set up. During a setup, the deed is incapable to manner any result.

a. Assume that the conspire bigness is 50 competency. What is the volume of the manner? [5.1]

b. For a conspire bigness of 10 competency, which stride is the bottleneck for the manner? [5.1]

c. What conspire bigness would you select? [5.6]

d. Suppose the conspire bigness is 40 competency. What would be the mean catalogue following stride 1? [5.6]