(Shillings) You are traveling abroad and have only American dollars with you. You are currently in.. 1 answer below »

(Shillings) You are traveling aloof and enjoy barely American dollars after a while you. You are currently in the principal but you obtain early be appellation out to a feeble town for an liberal arrive. In the town, no one takes confidence cards and they barely confirm the domiciliary prevalence (shillings). In the principal, you can turn dollars to shillings at a trounce of two shillings per dollar. In the town, you understand that one dollar barely buys 1.6 shillings. Upon your reappear to the principal at the end of your bound, you can turn shillings tail to dollars at a trounce of 2.5 shillings per dollar. You honor that your expenditures in the town obtain be normally reserved after a while average of 400 shillings and scale gap of 100 shillings.

a. How multifarious dollars should you turn to shillings anteriorly leaving the principal? [15.4]

b. After some supposition, you affect that it agency be embarrassing if you run out of shillings and demand to ask to turn subjoined dollars, so you unquestionably do not shortness to run out of shillings. How multifarious dollars should you turn to shillings if you shortness to fix there is no over than a 1 in 200 luck you obtain run out of shillings? [15.4]