(Security Walking Escorts) A university offers a walking escort service to increase security around. 1 answer below »

(Security Walking Escorts) A university offers a trudgeing protector advantage to acception safety encircling campus. The regularity consists of distinctly skilled uniformed administrative safety officers that mind learners from one campus colony to another. The advantage is operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students demand a trudgeing protector by phone. Requests for protectors are common, on mean, full 5 minutes delay a coefficient of change of 1. After receiving a demand, the dispatcher contacts an conducive protector (via a fickle phone), who instantly proceeds to extract up the learner and trudge her/him to her/ his appointment. If there are no protectors conducive (that is, they are all either trudgeing a learner to her/his appointment or trudgeing to extract up a learner), the dispatcher puts the demand in a queue until an protector becomes conducive. An protector takes, on mean, 25 minutes for extracting up a learner and gate her/him to her/his desired colony (the coefficient of change of this era is also 1). Currently, the university has 8 safety officers who effort as trudgeing protectors.

a. How multifarious safety officers are, on mean, conducive to suffice a new demand? [9.6]

b. How abundant era does it take—on mean—from the force a learner calls for an protector to the force the learner arrives at her/his appointment? [9.6]

For the direct two scrutinys, deem the subjoined scenario. During the date of definite exams, the compute of demands for protector advantages acceptions to 19.2 per hour (one demand full 3.125 minutes). The coefficient of change of the era among successive demands equals 1. However, if a learner demanding an protector finds out from the dispatcher that her/ his demand would bear to be put in the queue (i.e., all safety officers are engaged trudgeing other learners), the learner cancels the demand and proceeds to trudge on her/his own.

c. How multifarious learners per hour who denominated to demand an protector end up canceling their demand and go trudgeing on their own? (Note: To solution this scrutiny, you obtain demand esthetic from the direct provision.) [9.6]

d. University safety authoritys insist-upon that at smallest 80 percent of the learners’ calls to demand trudgeing protectors bear to be kind. What is the poverty compute of safety officers that are demanded in ordain to resign delay this authority? [9.8]