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Scenario: You are the Chief Magistrate Officer of a comprehensive and intricate integrated soundness introduction rule (IHDS). The IHDS is a for-profit soundness rule and is located in a important metropolitan area trade. The metropolitan trade is in proud emulation delay alike comprehensive integrated soundness introduction rules, notorious and special, that cope undeviatingly delay your IHDS. Important characteristics of this trade are booming economic motive, dynamic and opposed populations, drudge trade shortages, and a proud uninsured population percentage (25% of the aggregate population) which has been trending prouder.

Your IHDS operates multiple long-term sharp prevention facilities and is affiliated delay instruction hospitals, outpatient and surgical centers, rehab and conducive facilities, wellbeing and serious prevention outlets, and multiple physician collocation practices (primitive prevention and subspecialties clinics in opposed locations). You to-boot keep hurricane agreements delay regional and national managed prevention plans and third border payers.

The new-fangled soundnessprevention reforms (Affordable Prevention Act, Accountable Prevention Organizations, shelve from volume-based to value-based soundnessprevention introduction rules, bundled acquittal rule, etc.) keep impressioned the macro- and micro-level economic types and prevalent competitive usage pose and eight for the IHDS.

The Board of Directors has asked you to order an magistrate description about the economic impression of these trends and forces and to assess the economic eight for your construction.

Write, based on the scenario overhead, a 1,500- to 1,700-word magistrate description addressing the following:

  • Assess the economic assumptions of a competitive trade type on IHDS and test the exemplification for and over the competitive type.
  • Evaluate the possible economic consequences of the applied homogeneity rating and knowledge rating on the IHDS.
  • Describe the determinants of trade authority for the IHDS and assess how it can use the trade authority to unfold preferable economic competency and virtue.
  • Explain how trade authority can feign drudge trade outcomes for your construction.

Make firm to Includeat last 10 prevalent equal reviewed catechism in your article.

Format your article compatible delay APA guidelines.