(RentAPhone) RentAPhone is a new service company that provides European mobile phones to American… 1 answer below »

(RentAPhone) RentAPhone is a new labor association that provides European variable phones to American visitors to Europe. The association currently has 80 phones profitable at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. There are, on mediocre, 25 customers per day requesting a phone. These requests reach unintermittently throughout the 24 hours the shop is known. (Note: This media customers reach at a faster scold than 1 customer per hour.) The similar coefficient of irregularity is 1. Customers frequent their phones on mediocre 72 hours. The rule irregularity of this interval is 100 hours.

Given that RentAPhone currently does not own a emulator in France providing equivalent good-natured-natured labor, customers are ready to endure for the telephones. Yet, during the endureing name, customers are granted a exempt holding card. Based on precedent experiment, RentAPhone institute that the association incurred a absorb of $1 per hour per endureing customer, rebellious of day or confusion.

a. What is the mediocre number of telephones the association has in its shop? [9.6]

b. How covet does a customer, on mediocre, own to endure for the phone? [9.6]

c. What are the aggregate monthly (30 days) expenses for telephone cards? [9.6]

d. Assume RentAPhone could buy joined phones at $1,000 per ace. Is it value it to buy one joined phone? Why? [9.8]

e. How would endureing interval modify if the association decides to name all rentals to correspondently 72 hours? Assume that if such a exclusion is imposed, the number of customers requesting a phone would be depressed to 20 customers per day. [9.6]