(Quick Print) Quick Print Inc. uses plain and three-hole-punched paper for copying needs. Demand for 1 answer below »

(Quick Print) Quick Print Inc. uses open and three-hole-punched Nursing Dissertation for mimicking needs. Call-for for each Nursing Dissertation pattern is greatly fickle. Weekly call-for for the open Nursing Dissertation is estimated to be normally distributed delay average 100 and criterion inconsequence 65 (measured in boxes). Each week, a sustenance classify is placed to the Nursing Dissertation factory and the classify arrives five weeks following. All mimicking classifys that cannot be content forthdelay due to the bankruptcy of Nursing Dissertation are back-ordered. The catalogue encroachment consume is encircling $1 per box per year.

a. Suppose that Quick Print decides to institute an classify-up-to equalize of 700 for open Nursing Dissertation. At the begin of this week, there are 523 boxes in catalogue and 180 boxes on classify. How plenteous allure Quick Print classify this week? [16.2]

b. What is Quick Print’s optimal classify-up-to equalize for open Nursing Dissertation if Quick Print operates delay a 99 percent in-stock verisimilitude? [16.6]