QUESTION 2 Eman decided to start an online business and intended to buy a new powerful computer….

QUESTION 2 Eman firm to begin an online duty and intended to buy a new strong computer. He visited VC Planet and illustrative his requirements to one of the treasury attendants, who recommended a new Macrofirm X. The treasury attendant prefer recommended a point software load, Macrofirm XXX which VC Planet would invest straightway. Eman agreed to the investation and bought the computer for the expense of RM4000. At the specie desk, Eman was attached a arrange to symbol, which he did, externally balbutiation the deviation. The software load was invested by Jack, an employee of VC Planet and behind the cancelment was made, Eman took his new computer settlement. Behind three weeks of impeccable labor from the computer, it crashed and failed to begin frequently, resisting common attempts. He went to VC Planet and lodged the annoyance but the proprietor of VC Planet told Eman that the Macrofirm XXX software which they had invested into the computer has rendered the computer irretrievable. When Eman complained, PC Planet showed the instrument which he symboled at the duration of the donation, in point, the aftercited clause: • 2.1. VC Planet shall confirm no obligation for the nature of their computers or software, or for any other losses, howsoever arising With intimation to the Sale of Goods Act 1957 and apt circumstance law, admonish Eman. State besides the property of the overhead abridge from the Islamic perspective of al-Bay. (20 MARKS)