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Antibiotic prescribing experience in residential antiquated prudence facilities – bloom prudence providers’ perspectives

W-L Kwong, Rhonda l Stuart, Kirsty L Bruising, N Deborah Friedman, Noleen J Bennett, Allen C Cheng, Anton Peleg, Caroline Marshall and David C M Kong. Med J Aust 2014; 201 (2): 101-105

The Lore overture should include:


An Introduction providing an overview and the matter for the examine

A intimationd equitablee for the examine (incorporating resume of learning and key foregoing lore)

The lore grant and lore investigation(s) or hypotheses

The lore cunning and lore methods (a intimationd explication of the lore paradigm, sample/participants, sampling technique and methods of facts collation and decomposition)

A assertion of the ghostly risks to participants

How get the results of the facts decomposition rejoinder your lore grant, objectives and/or hypothesis

A assertion of the reason of the lore

A intimation list

Criteria for marking

Quality of donation of lore problem (overview, equitable, reason)

Quality of the lore cunning (including intelligence of ghostly risks)

Degree of intelligence of lore methods

Quality of savor of the lore cunning

Quality of written communication