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Q1). Chemical engineers at a Coleman Industries fix enjoy unshaken that a trivial wholeity of a newly profitable chemical comprehensive get growth the water repellency of Coleman's pavilion construction by 20%. The fix principal has moulded to alienation the comprehensive through a 5-year abbreviate at $7000 per year, starting 1 year from now. He expects the annual value to growth by ( multiple of second and conclusive reckon of your roll reckon plus 2) % per year starting in the sixth year and thereafter through year 13. Additionally, an investment of $35,000 was made now and recurrent perfect fifth year to lay a predicament fitting for the abbreviateor to consign the comprehensive. Determine the equipollent whole exhibit cost for all these coin flows using % MARR as sum of conclusive two reckons of your roll reckon plus the second reckon of your roll no).
An regularity of value growth for a casual roll reckon- 12017007 is 16%. The MARR
for similar roll no. is 9%.