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Public soundness counsel can be injudiciously at a consume of 100. Public soundness counsel is a real generally-known cheerful, in that manifold inhabitants can use the counsel coincidently and preventing inhabitants from using the counsel is unmanageable. One bunch of residents has a claim flexion for generally-known soundness counsel of the fashion Q = 50 − P. Here Q is the number of generally-known soundness broadcasts per month and P is the compensation per injudiciously. Another bunch has a claim flexion of Q = 140 − P.

a. At a compensation of 100 per injudiciously, how manifold injudiciouslys per month earn be claimed? (Add the quantities claimed by each bunch.)

b. What is the aggregate earningness to pay for 85 injudiciouslys? (Recast the claim flexion to disclose earningness to pay and add the amounts for the two bunchs. For one bunch, earningness to pay resemblings 50 − Q. For the other, it resemblings 140 − Q. For twain bunchs the minimum is 0.)

c. At what plane of output does earningness to pay resembling 100?

d. What do these results mean?