(PTests) Precision Testing (PTests) does fluid testing for several local hospitals. Consider their..

(PTests) Precision Testing (PTests) does clear touchstoneing for diverse topical hospitals. Consider their urine touchstoneing rule. Each illustration claims 12 seconds to touchstone, but subjoined 300 illustrations, the equipment must be recalibrated. No illustrations can be touchstodeficiency during the recalibration rule and that rule takes 30 tinys.

a. What is PTests’s consummation faculty to touchstone urine illustrations (in illustrations per hour)? [5.1]

b. Suppose 2.5 urine illustrations deficiency to be touchstodeficiency per tiny. What is the smallest devise magnitude (in illustrations) that ensures that the rule is not furnish severe? (Note; A devise is the reckon of touchstones between calibrations.) [5.6]

c. PTests to-boot deficiencys to touchstone race illustrations. There are two kinds of touchstones that can be done— a “basic” touchstone and a “complete” touchstone. Basic touchstones claim 15 seconds per illustration, inasmuch-as “complete” touchstones claim 1.5 tinys per illustration. Subjoined 100 touchstones, the equipment deficiencys to be cleaned and recalibrated, which takes 20 tinys. Suppose PTests runs the subjoined cyclic catalogue: 70 basic touchstones, 30 exhaustive touchstones, recalibrate, and then cite. With this catalogue, how sundry basic touchstones can they exhaustive per tiny on mediocre? [5.1]