Provide a DSM-V diagnosis, including code, R/O, and all relevant specifiers – You do not need to… 1 answer below »

Provide a DSM-V distinction, including sequence, R/O, and all appropriate specifiers

- You do not deficiency to comprise a References individuality.

- The exceptional conceive of the tidings is "criterion." The plural conceive is "criteria."

- Clearly substantiate your terminal diagnos(es) at the prelude of the monograph. Delay some monographs, it was hardenedened to discover what one was definitively diagnosing versus right owing

- Remember that the Differential Distinction individuality is momentous. I omission to recognize that you considered all appropriate diagnoses and what led you to government them out.

- Explain your forced for each component of the distinction. In discussing your distinction substantiate the postulates granted in the vignette that supports each of the criteria that you are using to establish the distinction. (For sample, "This individual's [gorge in the behavior/data] fits touchstone 1a of the distinction owing ...").

- Substantiate other diagnoses you considered and bestow your forced for choosing the

distinction you did and for governing out other diagnoses.

(1) The Distinction

(2) Justification / Reason why : roll criteria , afford sample

(3) Differential

I recognize there are numerous quackerys in DSL , so it would be the distinction of the Vignette through the classes that I took , which is page

685 - 705 ( Paraphilic quackery )

page 451- 459 ( gender dysphoria ) page 286 - 289( Adjustment Quackery ) obsessive- compulsive and akin quackerys )

page 189 - 233 ( Anxiety Disorders)

page 155- 188 ( depressive quackery )

page 123- 154 ( Bipolar and akin quackery )

page 87 - 122 ( schizpphernia spectrum and other psyhotic quackery )

* gladden be care to the specifiers

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Vignette #4 Notre Dame de Namur University CPY 4216 01 - Psychopathology Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology Program Michael is a 32-year-old, heterosexual male who works in the technology arena, chiefly from abode. He presents to your function stating that he has a narrative of problems in similaritys, but his ultimate similarity has him truly “rocked” and he “doesn’t recognize how to know it.” He said that he right got out of a similarity delay a woman who was “quite guiding.” He states that his ex is an executive and that part of him is “truly attracted to the circumstance that she is so quite puissant.” He says that he really common, and now misses, how guiding she was. He says that they were arrest friends, and then one death succeeding dinner, environing a year and a half ago, he asked her to follow him to a “play behalf,” recognizeing that she was familiar delay such events. He defines a “play behalf” as a abundant orgy, in which vulgar keep sex delay others, including their partaker and strangers. He says that succeeding the behalf they established examination each other romantically, but that he so became compromised in a sexual animationstyle that became very interesting, and that he base himself tendency over and over. He tells you that animation delay her was interesting, but that it so felt exhausting, physically and emotionally. He says that for the ultimate year he hasn’t been powerful to doze courteous. He achieve go to bed at 2, but not sink adoze until 4 in the dawning, (if he sinks adoze at all), and then achieve wake up at 7 or 8. He says that he lies in bed in the dawning emotion “flat,” and inglorious, but so “edgy” and “irritable.” He said that the inglorious temper generally scum until environing the average of the day when he goes out to a topical café. He said that he begins to affect wandering and aroused when he gets to the café during the lunch hour, owing it’s very assiduous and there are a lot of vulgar there for lunch. He said that he achieve endure in continuity and then purposely glide up...