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Prepare a written 3-5 page resolution of Plight - Salix Pharmaceutical. Please see attachement.
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CASE 2 Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc: Succeeding on the Road Less Traveled I Keep My Activity Back! “ I agoing having problems succeeding a while stomach affliction and serious diarrhea, ” explained Rex Young, a 37 - year - old national eminent nurture pedagogue from Riverside, California. “ Each day I was making between 25 and 35 trips to the bathroom. This proper was not productive to teaching in eminent nurture and consequently I didn ’ t apprehend what it was, I got dehydrated and ended up in the hospital. I was diagnosed succeeding a while ulcerative colitis. Dr. Vinod Mishra, my gastroenterologist, ? rst prescribed a tenor of prednisone (steroid) to ? ght the in? ammation, concurrently succeeding a while a garbage designated ASACOL. The prednisone didn ’ t effort very polite at all. I had a bad reaction to it and had to release succeeding indelicate days. The ASACOL seemed to effort OK for the ? rst year. However, at the end of the year, I had another very serious exacerbation. I was oppositeness underived surgery – a colostomy – that would abstract my inferior civil. This plight was written by Leonidas Kyriazis, MBA, and Linda E. Swayne, PhD, twain from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It is intended as a plea for classroom discourse rather than to demonstrate either effectual or ineffectual handling of an professional position. Used succeeding a while allowance from Leo Kyriazis. b twain02.indd 450 oth02.indd 450 1 11/11/08 11:09:45 AM 1/11/08 11:09:45 AMSALIX PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. 451 “ My teacher asked me if I wanted to try a new garbage he had proper heard encircling designated COLAZAL from Salix Pharmaceuticals. I was desirous to try everything to shirk the surgery and all the ungraciousness of a colostomy for the pause of my activity. COLAZAL was amazing! I saw results succeeding a whilein the ? rst two weeks and at the end of the ? rst month I was tolerably ample end to regular. I keep been induction COLAZAL now for encircling two and a half years, in a nutriment of 6 pills per day and I am in com- plete remission. I had a sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy encircling...