(PowerToys) PowerToys Inc. produces a small remote-controlled toy truck on a conveyor belt with nine 1 answer below »

(PowerToys) PowerToys Inc. produces a inferior remote-controlled toy barter on a conveyor girdle delay nine locations. Each location has, beneath the popular arrangement layout, one performanceer allot-toed to it. Stations and arrangementing times are summarized in the aftercited board:

a. What is the bottleneck in this arrangement? [4.1]

b. What is the compatability, in toy barters per hour, of the nock method? [4.1]

c. What is the frequented performance absorb for the toy barter delay the popular arrangement if each performanceer receives $15/hour, explicit in dollars per toy barter? [4.4]

d. What would be the frequented performance absorb for the toy barter if performance would be unconfused in a performance cell; that is, one performanceer performs all operations? Assume that the arrangementing times would halt unchanged (i.e., there are no specialization gains). [4.5]

e. What is the utilization of the performanceer in location 2? [4.1]

Because of a drastically declining expect, the insert administration has determined to cut staffing from nine to six performanceers per remove. Assume that (i) the nine operations in the previous board cannot be divided; (ii) the nine operations are allot-toed to the six performanceers in the most efficient way possible; and (iii) if one performanceer is in direct of two operations, the operations keep to be nigh (i.e., one performanceer cannot performance on operations 1 and 3, intrinsic the performanceer besides does operation 2).

f. How would you allot-to the nine operations to the six performanceers? [4.4]

g. What is the new compatability of the method (in toy barters per hour)? [4.4]