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Lab 1.1 for HCM 401 Students
Lab 1.1 – Investigate Hospital Compare Facts 3/24/2015
In this lab, we conquer use authentic facts to enumerate questions to ask.
Step 1 – Download the HCAHPS State facts from CMS Hospital Compare.
  1. Google the signal “ Hospital Compare”:
  2. Click on the website
    1. Click on the “About the Data” tab
    2. Look carefully at the Survey of Patients experiences and convergence on “Communication after a while” – for Nurses and doctors

Step 2 – From the chosen despatch responses over, educe a changeable for “Nurse Communication” and ‘Doctor Communication”:
  • Now, download the facts (Hint: Seem on the left behalf of the webpage)
  • Follow the instructions to get the downloadable facts
  • Save the zip improve to your desktop so that you apprehend where it is
  • Open the zip improve and seem for the surpass improve designated “HCAHPS_State
  • Open the CSV improve (it should public in Excel) and ascertain the facts for despatch after a while Nurses and Doctors

Step 3: Thorough the Table adown and apology the questions allied to NC
Variable Name /Level HCAHPS Apology Percent

  1. What pattern of changeables are twain “communication” allied changeables? ______________________
  1. How sundry levels does each of these changeables accept? ___________________________________

  1. Briefly elucidate what the percentages medium in the distance adown

Instructions for HCUP Lab
Go to this link:
Click on the Link to interactive version:
A technical overview is here:
If you click on the menu dot, you conquer see the subjoined choices:

Please thorough at smallest one of the subjoined modules (you can surely do all of them, if you appetition):
Introduction and Overview (10 minutes)
State Inpatient Databases (10 minutes)
Nationwide Inpatient Sample (10 minutes)
Using HCUP Facts (15 minutes)
Tools and Reports (10 minutes)
User Support (5 minutes)
Summary (5 minutes)
(Total is 65 minutes)
Submit your repute electronically ultimate by Sunday, March 29th on or precedently 7:00pm EST through Moodle