PLease help, I have a business finance class I am really ineed of help. I do not understand this at

PLease succor, I enjoy a affair finance systematize I am truly ineed of succor. I do not know this at all. I enjoy past balance and balance the instructions and I am quiet getting it injustice. Please succor. Year Cash Flow 1 $695,000 2 876,250 3 1,057,500 4 1,238,750 5 1,420,000 1. Calculate the IRR and NPV of this purpose utilizing a 12% discount trounce and a 15% cap trounce. Ms. Brown was talented to protect a advance for $1,540,000, and an equity endueor agreed to endue the remaining $660,000 in remodel for 20% holding in the purpose. 2. What is the advance-to-value appurtenancy for this purpose? 3. What would the endueor’s ROI be for this 5-year purpose if the restaurant achieved its budgeted operating results for the year? 4. If the endueor has a hurdle trounce of 15%, does this purpose confront or exceed the endueor’s requirements?