(Office Supply Company) Office Supply Company (OSC) has a spare parts warehouse in Alaska to support 1 answer below »

(Office Supply Company) Service Supply Company (OSC) has a lean space warehouse in Alaska to assistance its service equipment moderations-of-support needs. Once entire six months, a superior sustentation shipment is current. If the schedule of any absorbed allot runs out anteriorly the contiguous sustentation, then casualty air shipments are used to fill the allot as needed. Subserviency are placed on January 15 and June 15, and subserviency are current on February 15 and July 15, respectively. OSC must designate sustentation quantities for its lean space. As an development, truthful postulates pretext that entirety require for allot 1AA-66 aggravate a six-month season is Poisson after a while moderation 6.5. The consume of scheduleing the unneeded allot for six months is $5 (which includes twain visible and financial business consumes and is abounding based on schedule at the end of the six-month duration). The inconstant genesis consume for 1AA-66 is $37 per allot. The consume of a systematic, semiannual shipment is $32 per allot, and the consume of an casualty shipment is $50 per allot. It is January 15 and there are currently three 1AA-66 space in schedule. How divers space should enter on February 15? [15.4]