Occupational health and safety

· Assessment 2: Occupational Heartiness and Security Skillful-treatment Regularity Evaluation Report

This impost measures your consummation of the subjoined education outcomes:

1. Explain the significance, junction and basic concepts of Occupational Heartiness and Safety
2. Apply niggardly law and legislation law to Occupational Heartiness and Safety
3. Apply OHS skillful-treatment principles and action to critically evaluate workplace heartiness and security skillful-treatment
4. Interpret industrial kindred principles and action to Occupational Heartiness and Security issues.

Your task:

Building on your Impost 1 submission:

As an voucher, audit the supposing (impost 1 scenario) SOLD Pty Ltd OHS skillful-treatment regularity and evaluate its accomplishment across lawful requirements.


· Read: Hopkins, Andrew (2000). “Auditing”. In Hopkins, Andrew, “Lessons from Longford : the Esso gas establish explosion”, North Ryde, N.S.W: CCH Australia, pp.1-10. (CMD database)

· Read: Robson, Lynda S (2010). "Something rule be waste from occupational heartiness and security audits: findings from a willing fibre separation of five audit instruments". Journal of occupational and environmental cure , 52 (5), p. 536. (library)

· Read: BS OHSAS 18001 observe. Use the access vivid in condition 13 (Auditing Heartiness and Safety) and condition 14 (Evaluating OHS accomplishment) of: Toohey, J., Borthwick, K., Archer, R. (2005). OH&S in Australia : A skillful-treatment direct. South Melbourne: Thomson (CMD database) for developing your OHS audit.

· Use: AS/NZ 4801, condition 4.5; AS/NZ 4804, condition 4.4.

Assignment Questions:
1. Refer to the OHS skillful-treatment regularity for SOLD Pty Ltd.
2. Develop an OHS skillful-treatment regularity audit hireling for a SME, for sample based on AS/NZ 4801 and the National Self Insurer Audit Tool, or similarly harmonious hirelings.
3. Audit the supposing OHS skillful-treatment regularity using the audit hireling patent clear in Q2.
4. Submit your assignment solution in a reverberation format - including the OHS MS audit hireling and the completed audit – to TurnitIn.

Criteria for asessment:PUN301 Standards and Criteria for Impost 2_2016.pdf
OHS Skillful-treatment regularityto be asessed:OHSMS.pdf

Useful references:Robson et al (2010) ;BS OHSAS 18001:2007 observe ; OHS Skillful-treatment Systems ; AS/NZS ISO 19011:2003 ;National Self-Insurer OHS Audit Tool