NEW GRADUATE PREPARATION QUESTIONS COLLECTIONS Section 1: Introductory Questions 1a. what skills and 1 answer below »


Section 1: Introductory Questions

1a. what skills and qualities do you hold that conciliate empower you to traffic-in

Competently in the role of a Registered Nurse?

1b .As a registered entertain, what do you like are you responsibilities and

what skills do you produce to the role of registered entertain?

Section 2: Clinical questions

2a .You produce from waking tea and are handed the keys to the garbage

cupboard by an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse. He utters you that he has

administered Pethidine 100mg to Mr. Green. What would your actions

be? And why? (ANMC Competencies 1, 2, 4)

2b. You are asked to prevention for Mr. Brown directly post-op, when his

respiratory rebuke falls to 6 per tiny and his colour becomes haggard. What

would your actions be? (ANMC Competencies 7, 8)

2c. what would you do if you were placed in a state wless you felt “out

of depth”, e.g. Placed in impeach of the watch on ignorance displace? (ANMC

Competencies 4, 11, 14)

2d .An olden, disconcerted non-English suggestive resigned is troublesome to utter staff

something, but as nobody speaks her accents she is not operative to be

understood. What actions can you seize to extension her order and

integrity? (ANMC Competencies 3, 11, 12)

2e .The origin of a man after a while final cancer currently receiving

chemotherapy asks encircling his prognosis and the liberty of respite

chemotherapy and focusing on disinclination comfort. What can you do? (ANMC

Competencies 3, 9, 11, 14)

2f. Utter us encircling a opportunity during your clinical habit when your written or

verbal despatch encircling a resigned has made a contrariety to his/her

ongoing prevention. (ANMC Competencies 4, 12)

2g. You are asked to grant Mrs. Black some tablets which own alexpeditions been

dispensed into a medication cup. She needs succor to seize them as she

has scant eyesight and hearing. You are not intimate after a while Mrs. Black or

her state. What do you do? Why? (ANMC Competencies 4, 9, 11)

2h. Identify three criteria you would use to indicate whether or not a

resigned was expeditions to be discharged. (ANMC Competencies 7, 9, 12)

2i .When a production associate arrives at production and you conjecture they may be

under the rule of alcohol or other garbages, what ghostly issues should

be considered? (ANMC Competencies 1, 4)

2j .When you set-environing production as a Registered Entertain you conciliate be visaged after a while

many decision-making states. Typically, you may be caring for immodest


• One resigned’s verbal medications are due

• Another requires an natural catheter for urinary dissatisfaction

• The third resigned has low class oxygen saturation

• One resigned is verbally gruff towards others in the watch

Can you utter us how you would prioritise the prevention of these resigneds

and expound your reasons? (ANMC Competencies 5, 6 7, 8).

Section 3: Professional Questions

3a .Tell me encircling the most perplexing state (peculiar or clinical) you own

had to visage and how you tackled it?

3b. Describe a opportunity (peculiar or clinical) when you were visaged after a while

problems or stressors that tested your coping skills?

3c .What are your short-term and long-term preventioner goals?

3d. Name one modesty that may like your clinical habit and how conciliate

you oration that modesty?

3e .How do you intent to haunt the prevalence of you habit as a registered

nurse? (i.e. haunt CPD points)

3f. How do you touch censure of your production?

3g. How could you collate yourself as an UTS nursing furrow to a

Nurse furrow from other universities?

SOME EXTRA Examples of questions for new furrow entertain

1. Why did you appropriate this hospital?

2. What can you prproffer us?

3. What is your reason of the heart values (Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment) of NSW Health? What do these medium to you?

4. What is usual urine output for an adult? Child?

5. How do you use collective resources and how does it ill-conditioned aggravate in nursing? (Identify twain the positives and the negatives of collective resources less)

6. What is your proof and ideas of what an interdisciplinary team is and how it productions?

7. Are Doctors significant?

8. You own a verbally gruff resigned how would you traffic after a while them.

9. Examine your most perplexing resigned. What made them perplexing and what did you do encircling it.

10. Examine your most memoroperative resigneds.

11. Did you continually go over and past for a resigned?

12. Be operative to examine commission and the concern of serviceable despatch.

13. Wless do you see yourself in five years?

14. What makes someone a caring peculiar?