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Project: aptest consultation 1. Consultation a healthcare director environing one superior nature of the quotation: Planning and ORGANIZING Leading and motivating people Healthcare require guide and budget Developing employees and skills 2. You must column who you are consultationing on Canvas beneath the topic tab. A director is solely recognized to be consultationed by one novice! This procure be primary after primary served. My counsel to you: guard your consultation and right it on the Canvas topic column quickly! If past than one novice consultations the corresponding director, I procure solely concede security to the novice that columned primary in Canvas. 3. Write a article describing their skill title as it pertains to the listed topics. 4. Concede an topic for or abutting your aid of their skill title. Mould unfailing to readduce esthetic to the esthetic seasoned in the quotation. You procure scarcity to use at meanest 2 added references to aid your topic (your quotation, your consultation, at meanest two added sources) – adduce your references. 5. Article must be less than 6 bountiful pages, envelop quantity after a while 12 pt. font and 1 inch margins 6. Article must be written in APA format after a while a Works Cited page and in-quotation citations. (There are frequent resources on the Web if you scarcity a refresher on how to do this). ** The intention of this assignment is to test that you own a hard cognizance of the knowledge presented in the tabulate. Please ask for aid if you scarcity it. _____________________________________________________________________ If you absence to get bountiful gait you should mould unfailing do it mature Management Overview Project Rubric Criteria5 points10 points15 pointsInterview conducted after a while indication granted in article No indicationEvidence of consultation but not linked to topicsStrong indication of consultation and esthetic was linked to topicsTopics pertained to mode esthetic Topics did not pertain to mode estheticTopics slightly...