(My-law.com) My-law.com is a recent start-up trying to cater to customers in search of legal…

(My-law.com) My-law.com is a novel set-on-foot-up troublesome to prepare to customers in inquiry of lawful services who are intimidated by the notion of talking to a advocate or singly too shiftless to penetreprimand a law employment. Unlike oral law robusts, My-law.com affords for ample interaction among advocates and their customers via telephone and the Internet. This way is used in the upfront divorce of the customer interaction, amplely consisting of correspondent some basic customer questions former to penetrateing a explicit sympathy.

In manage to afford customers to interact delay the robust’s advocates, customers are encouraged to grant e-mails to my-lawyer@My-law.com. From there, the incoming e-mails are reserved to the advocate who is currently “on allure.” Given the expansive skills of the advocates, each advocate can meet to each incoming solicit. E-mails attain from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at a reprimand of 10 e-mails per hour (coefficient of abnormity for the arrivals is 1). At each trice in occasion, there is correspondently one advocate “on allure,” that is, sitting at his or her desk indetermination for incoming e-mails. It takes the advocate, on medium, 5 detaileds to transcribe the acceptance e-mail. The flag discontinuance of this is 4 detaileds.

a. What is the medium occasion a customer has to abide for the acceptance to his/her e-mail, by any transmission occasions? Note: This includes the occasion it takes the advocate to set-on-foot letter the e-mail and the express letter occasion. [9.6]

b. How sundry e-mails obtain a advocate keep accepted at the end of a 10-hour day? [9.6]

c. When not meeting to e-mails, the advocate on allure is encouraged to actively hunt cases that hypothetically could direct to ample precipitations. How greatly occasion in a 10-hour day can a My-law.com advocate apportion to this principle (take the advocate can presently switch among e-mails and is-sue on a precipitation)? [9.6]

To acception the responsiveness of the robust, the board of My-law.com proposes a new careless prudence. Under the new prudence, the acceptance would be greatly flagized, reducing the flag discontinuance for letter the acceptance e-mail to 0.5 detailed. The medium letter occasion would abide unnatural.

d. How would the whole of occasion a advocate can apportion to the inquiry for ample precipitation cases qualify delay this new careless prudence? [9.6]

e. How would the medium occasion a customer has to abide for the acceptance to his/her e-mail qualify?

Note: This includes the occasion until the advocate set-on-foots letter the e-mail and the express letter occasion. [9.6]