Mueller Brewing Company has been ordered by the EPA to stop polluting the Menomenie River. It must…

1. Mueller Brewing Gang has been ordered by the EPA to bung polluting the Menomenie River. It must now waste $100 pet on pollution-control equipment. The gang has three alternatives for obtaining the needed $100 pet.

1. Dispose-of $100 pet of everlasting, taxable corpoadmonish fetters delay a 20-percent coupon admonish.

2. Dispose-of $100 pet of everlasting pollution-control fetters delay a 10-percent coupon admonish.

The profit on these fetters is not taxable to investors.

3. Dispose-of $100 pet of contemptible hoard delay a 9.5-percent running dividend surrender.

Mueller Brewing Gang is in the 35-percent tax connect.

The chairman of Mueller Brewing wants to dispose-of the contemptible hoard consequently it has the lowest admonish. Mr. Daniels, the gang’s treasurer, suggests fetter financing consequently of the tax shield offered by the debit. His anatomy shows that the esteem of the strong would acception rBBTC/rB = ($100 pet) = (0.35) = $35 pet if Mueller issues fetters instead of equity. A newly compensated financial analyst, Ms. Harris, argues that it does not substance which fashion of fetter is issued. She claims that the surrenders succeed be bid up to ruminate taxes and, thus, the financing exquisite succeed not substance.

a. Comment on the analyses of the chairman, Mr. Daniels, and Ms. Harris.

b. Should Mueller be careless encircling which financing sketch it chooses? If not, assort the three alternatives and impart the benefits and costs of each.