(Mt. Kinley Consulting) Mt. Kinley is a strategy consulting firm that divides its consultants into..

(Mt. Kinley Consulting) Mt. Kinley is a manoeuvre consulting secure that divides its consultants into three classes: allys, supervisors, and spouses. The secure has been perpetual in extent for the definite 20 years, by enlargement opportunities in the 90s, but to-boot not suffering from a demand to downextent in the recession at the inauguration of the 21st seniority. Specifically, there bear been—and are expected to be—200 allys, 60 supervisors, and 20 spouses. The product environment at Mt. Kinley is rather competitive. Succeeding four years of producting as an ally, a consultant goes “either up or out,” that is, beseems a supervisor or is dismissed from the fraternity. Similarly, succeeding six years, a supervisor either beseems a spouse or is dismissed. The fraternity recruits MBAs as ally consultants; no employs are made at the supervisor or spouse equalize. A spouse stays delay the fraternity for another 10 years (a completion of 20 years delay the fraternity).

a. How multifarious new MBA graduates does Mt. Kinley bear to employ integral year? [2.3]

b. What are the odds that a new employ at Mt. Kinley get beseem spouse (as incongruous to life dismissed succeeding 4 years or 10 years)? [2.3]