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Communicating Health Risks

Assignment Overview

The Session Long Project entails you going through the way of influencing policymakers. In your leading three SLP assignments you wrote a message to “raise a anxiety,” “oppose a position,” and “support a position.” While these are plain ways of influencing policymakers by message answerableness, there are subjoined inplain ways that can to-boot finish your objectives. Some ways are answerableness a message to the editor or “Op-Eds.” Policymakers recognize national newspapers estimation sections and messages to the editor as a way of tracking how the tribe impress encircling point issues (Connecticut Health Policy, 2013b). This week’s required recognizeing from the Connecticut Health Policy toolbox covers twain messages to the editor and “Op-Eds.”

Note: This required Background Lection from the Connecticut Healthy Policy toolbox conciliate use you to a irrelative page than the earlier three SLP assignments.

Your Task

Part 1:

For this SLP assignment, you are asked to transcribe a one-page message to the editor.

  1. Choose any question that is allied to the mode periodical in SLP 1
  2. Pick a national newsbrochure to transcribe to (you can use your hometown brochure if you crave). Provide the designate of the newsbrochure and the city.

Part 2:

  1. Write one page of extract on tips for answerableness a message to the editor.
  2. What are some advantages of answerableness a message to the editor compared to the messages from SLP 1–3 assignments?

Recap: Your assignment consists of: A one-page message to the editor and one page on tips/advantages for answerableness a message to the editor.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Length: 2 pages.

Your exertion conciliate be evaluated inveterate on the work duty grading rubric criteria. Review it antecedently you commence exertioning on the assignment.