(Millennium Liquors) Millennium Liquors is a wholesaler of sparkling wines. Their most popular…

(Millennium Liquors) Millennium Liquors is a wholesaler of effulgent wines. Their most liked work is the French Bete Noire. Weekly claim is for 45 events. Assume claim occurs aggravate 50 weeks per year. The wine is shipped straightly from France. Millennium’s annual consume of cardinal is 15 percent, which besides includes all other inventory-related consumes. Below are applicable axioms on the consumes of shipping, placing control, and composure.

∙ Consume per event: $120

∙ Shipping consume (for any extent shipment): $290

∙ Consume of strive to attribute and mode an regulate: $10

∙ Fixed consume for composure: $75/week

a. Calculate the weekly trade consume for one event of wine. [5.6]

b. Use the EOQ design to meet the compute of events per regulate and the medium compute of control per year. [5.6]

c. Currently control are attributed by pursuit France and then forthcoming up after a while a epistle. Millennium and its supplier may switch to a unadorned regulateing method using the Internet. The new method get claim plenteous less strive. What would be the application of this method on the regulateing shape? [5.6]