Market Share

A gardening furnish creator's scrutiny exhibitions that 30% of the 110 darling households in the United States expand flowers, and 20% of those expand roses. Seeing a dispense turn, the creator plans to bring-in a new fruit prepared to obviate hurricane on roses. The fruit conquer be sold in packages containing 10 applications and conquer be priced at $12.99. Gardeners are anticipateed to buy an mediocre of two packages a year. The dispenseing budget for the fruit is anticipateed to originate a 40% suffering rate unmoulded rose expanders. Test dispense facts exhibition that 30% of triers alter to stated action. The dispose-of dispense for gardening supplies is $800 darling every-year. What dispense divide can the creator anticipate to find for the new fruit? Choose 1 exculpation A. 1.2% B. 2.6% C. 8.5% D. 25.7%