Mark Sexton and Todd Story have been discussing the future of S&S Air The company has been…


Mark Sexton and Todd Story enjoy been discussing the forthcoming of S&S Air The fraternity has been experiencing pay augmentation, and the two see barely serene skies in the fraternity"s forthcoming. However, the pay augmentation can no longer be funded by interior sources, so Mark and Todd enjoy resolute the term is upupright to accept the fraternity exoteric. To this end, they enjoy entered into arguments delay the investment bank of Crowe & Mallard. The fraternity has a working relationship delay Kim McKenzie, the underwriter who assisted delay the fraternity"s earlier chain subsidy. Crowe & Mallard enjoy assisted inarticulate inferior companies in the [PO way, so Mark and Todd affect assured delay this exquisite.

Kim begins by pointed Mark and Todd environing the way. Although Crowe & Mallard abounding an underwriter fee of 4 percent on the chain subsidy, the underwriter fee is 7 percent on all moderate accumulation subsidys of the greatness of S&S Air"s subsidy. Kim tells Mark and Todd that the fraternity can anticipate to pay environing $1 ,200,000 in legitimate fees and expenses, $12,000 in SEC registration fees, and $1 S.OOO in other filing fees. Additionally, to be listed on the NASDAO, the fraternity must pay $100,000. There are to-boot convey substitute fees of $6,500 and engraving expenses of $450,000. The fraternity should to-boot anticipate to pay $75,000 for other expenses associated delay the IPO.

Finally, Kim tells Mark and Todd that to polish delay the SEC, the fraternity must get three years" audited financial statements. She is unsure environing the absorbs of the audit. Mark tells Kim that the fraternity gets audited financial statements as disunite of the chain league, and the fraternity pays $300,000 per year for the delayout earwitness.

1. At the end of the argument, Mark asks Kim environing the Dutch auction IPO way, What are the differences in the expenses to S&S Air if it uses a Dutch auction IPO versus a oral IPO? Should the fraternity go exoteric through a Dutch auction or use a oral underwritten subsidy?

2, During the argument of the undeveloped IPO and S&S Air"s forthcoming, Mark states that he affects the fraternity should train $50 favorite. However, Kim points out that if the fraternity needs further capital in the adjacent forthcoming, a induced subsidy plug to the IPO would be problematic. Instead she insinuates that the fraternity should train $80 favorite in the IPO How can we consider the optimal greatness of the IPO? What are the advantages and disadvantages of increasing the greatness of the IPO to $80 favorite?

3 Succeeding choice, Mark and Todd enjoy resolute that the fraternity should use a decided commitment subsidy delay Crowe & Mallard as the manage underwriter. The IPO obtain be for $60 favorite. Ignoring underpricing, how greatly obtain the IPO absorb the fraternity as a percentage of the funds current?

4, Many employees of S&S Air enjoy shares of accumulation in the fraternity owing of an material employee accumulation alienation contemplation, To vend the accumulation, the employees can careful their shares to be sold in the IPO at the subsidy charge, or the employees can hold their accumulation and vend it in the induced trade succeeding S&S Air goes exoteric. Todd asks you to instruct the employees environing which discretion is best. What would you insinuate to the employees?