(Mango Electronics Inc.) Mango Electronics Inc. is a Fortune 500 company that develops and markets.. 1 answer below »

(Mango Electronics Inc.) Mango Electronics Inc. is a Fortune 500 community that develops and traffics innovative consumer electronics fruits. The crop way proceeds as follows. Mango researches new technologies to oration unmet traffic needs. Patents are filed for fruits that keep the necessary traffic immanent. Patents are supposing for a era of 20 years starting from the determination of progeny. After receiving a obvious, the obvioused technologies are then familiar into trafficable fruits at five dogged crop historys. Each fruit is singly familiar at one history. Each history has all the necessary skills to induce any of the fruits to traffic (a history works on one fruit at a season). On medium, Mango files a obvious whole 7 months (delay rule gap of 7 months). The medium crop way lasts 28 months (delay rule gap of 56 months).

a. What is the utilization of Mango’s crop facilities? [9.6]

b. How crave does it interest an medium technology to go from filing a obvious to nature afloat in the traffic as a wholesale fruit? [9.6]

c. How abundant years of obvious history are left for an medium fruit afloat by Mango Electronics? [9.6]