(Major U.S. Retailers) The following table shows financial data (year 2004) for Costco Wholesale and

(Major U.S. Retailers) The forthcoming table shows financial facts (year 2004) for Costco Wholesale and Walmart, two important U.S. retailers.

Assume that twain companies feel an mediocre annual encroachment absorb rebuke of 30 percent (i.e., it absorbs twain retailers $3 to hinder an individual that they procured for $10 for one full year).

a. How abundant days, on mediocre, does a fruit remain in Costco’s catalogue antecedently it is sold? Assume that stores are operated 365 days a year. [2.4]

b. How plenteous inferior is, on mediocre, the catalogue absorb for Costco compared to Walmart of a househinder cleaner valued at $5 COGS? Assume that the ace absorb of the househinder cleaner is the selfselfsame for twain companies and that the value and the catalogue turns of an individual are fractions. [2.4]