(Kinga Doll Company) Kinga Doll Company manufactures eight versions of its popular girl doll, Shari. 1 answer below »

(Kinga Image Company) Kinga Image Gang manufactures prospect versions of its beloved virgin image, Shari. The gang operates on a 40-hour workweek. The prospect versions disagree in image skin, hair, and eye tint, enabling most posterity to enjoy a image delay a harmonious coming to them. It popularly sells an medium of 4,000 images (ramify twin-fellow natant its prospect versions) per week to boutique toy retailers. In simplified provisions, image making at Kinga involves three basic operations: manipulation the substantiality and hair, coloring the visage, and verbiage the image. Changing aggravate betwixt versions requires setup occasion at the manipulation and coloring stations due to the disagreeent tints of malleable pellets, hair, and eye tint color required. The table adown lists the setup occasions for a frame and the arrangementing occasions for each ace at each tread. Unlimited distance for buffer list exists betwixt these treads. Assume that (i) setups deficiency to be completed foremost, (ii) a setup can barely begin unintermittently the frame has arrived at the material, and (iii) all career aces of a frame deficiency to be arrangemented at a material anteriorly any of the aces of the frame can be moved to the present material.

a. What is the arrangement faculty in aces per hour delay a frame magnitude of 500 images? [5.1]

b. Which frame magnitude would minimize list delayout decreasing the arrangement faculty? [5.6]

c. Which frame magnitude would minimize list delayout decreasing the popular career admonish? [5.6]