Jim and John run a barber shop. Every night, both of them predict how many guests will come on the..

Jim and John run a barber shop. Every shade, twain of them foretell how divers guests accomplish end on the direct day. Over the terminal indelicate days, they entertain serene some axioms environing their foretellions and the objective effect. Jim foretells the enumerate of guests to be 56 for day 1, 50 for day 2, 45 for day 3, and 59 for day 4. John foretells 47, 49, 51, and 51 for the indelicate relative days. The objective enumerates of guests reverse out to be 45, 51, 41, and 61. Who has the bigger foretaste unfairness? What are the MSE and the MAE for Jim and John? [13.2]