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(JCL Inc.) JCL Inc. is a senior driblet manufacturing strong that sells its products to computer manufacturers relish Dell, HP, and others. In simplified provisions, driblet making at JCL Inc. involves three basic operations: depositing, designing, and etching.

∙ Depositing: Using chemical fog manifestation (CVD) technology, an insulating symbolical is deposited on the wafer demeanor, forming a watery layer of weighty symbolical on the driblet.

∙ Patterning: Photolithography projects a inappreciable circumference design on the wafer demeanor, which has a light-sensitive chemical relish the emulsion on photographic film. It is numerous frequent spans as each layer of the driblet is built.

∙ Etching: Etching removes clarified symbolical from the driblet demeanor to constitute the expedient structures. The aftercited consideration lists the required modeing spans and setup spans at each of the plods. Assume that the ace of origination is a wafer, from which single driblets are cut at a after range.

Note: A setup can barely prepare uninterruptedly the concoct has arrived at the means.

a. What is the mode calibre in aces per hour delay a concoct greatness of 100 wafers? [5.1]

b. For what concoct greatness is plod 3 (etching) the bottleneck? [5.6]

c. Suppose JCL Inc. came up delay a new technology that eliminated the setup span for plod 1 (deposition), but increased the modeing span to 0.45 minute/unit. What would be the concoct greatness you would adopt so as to maximize the overall calibre of the mode? [5.6]