(ITAT) Consider the following two production processes making an electronic component for a… 1 answer below »

(ITAT) Consider the aftercited two evolution rulees making an electronic factor for a navigation scheme. Both rulees pause of 20 occupations and produce-an-effect at a cycle duration of 1 minute/unit. Their most mistake apt influence is stalk 9.

Process 1: Has a last inadvertence at the end of the rule and has encircling 300 units of register among stalk 9 and the inadvertence.

Process 2: Has each toiler restrain the toil of the foregoing stalks and encircling 50 units of register among stalk 9 and the end of the rule, roughly equally arranged opposing the surplus of the rule.

What would be the advice turnaround duration for a omission made at occupation 9? [8.4]