In this final project, imagine you are the chief executive officer (CEO) of your health… 1 answer below »

In this last device, fancy you are the pre-eminent supporter manager (CEO) of your bloom structure, and you are asked by your structure's consultation of directors to ad a device suggestion to be submitted to your persomal area Congressperson.

In this device suggestion you are defending, challenging, or twain the device edict PPACA You scarcity to use the counsel that you keep well-informed aggravate the spent weeks encircling bloom economy government in the U.S. to oration the following:

· From your lore aggravate the way, assess what impression do you reckon the Patient Protection and Affordable Economy Act (PPACA) procure keep on the uninsured population in your persomal sympathy or tract-of-land?

· Evaluate and prioritize the avail of the conditions elaborate in antecedent weeks (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, and the personal edict) from the most grave to the last grave. State the reasons you ranked the conditions in the manage you presented.

· Analyze the virtual achievement or demand of this Act based on your structure and your persomal bloom economy scarcitys. Justify your theory.

· Discuss forthcoming implications of this Act's achievement or demand.

· Recommend device updates, changes, revisions, and so forth to the PPACA that procure oration the opportunities and challenges that your structure and persomal sympathy may trade after a while.

Note: Your device suggestion should be 8 pages formatted in the APA mode or 3,500 expression and it should include 8 property references, 4 of which are from peer-reviewed bloom economy journals.