If you would like to set a conditional formatting rule based on the function =AND(G6=”Finance”, H7..

 If you would relish to set a niggardly formatting rule installed on the duty =AND(G6="Finance", H77000),>

 (a) Format all cells installed on their values

(b) Format merely cells that include

(c) Use a formula to evince which cells to format

 (d) Format merely values that are aloft or underneath average

Q51. A worksheet includes a register of graduates at your university. The worksheet includes these posts in this sequence: Student Last Name, Student First Name, College, Major, and GPA. Grounds are exclusive by College, then by Major, and then by Student Last Name. What is the forfeit At a change in elucidation amid the Subtotal dialog box, and what would be a further appropriate setting?

 (a) Student Last Call (forfeit scope), GPA (set-right scope)

 (b) Student First Call (forfeit scope), Student Last Name (set-right scope)

 (c) College (forfeit scope), Student Last Call (correct field)

 (d) Student Last Call (forfeit scope), College (correct field)

Q52. You imagined an sketch amid a worksheet. What does the molehill evince to the left of a row appellation?

(a) You can click it to mitigation the details of that category.

 (b) You can click it to unfold the details of that category.

 (c) You can add a new row at that precipitation merely.

 (d) One or further posts are hidden.

Q53. A worksheet includes a PivotTable situateholder and the PivotTable Fields List. No scopes possess been assumed to the PivotTable yet. If you click the College Major scope stay box in the PivotTable Fields List, where does Excel situate this scope?

 (a) FILTERS area

(b) COLUMNS area

 (c) ROWS area

(d) VALUES area

Q54. You imagined a PivotTable to condense commissions earned by employees in each office. What is the forfeit digest statistic for the commissions scope when you add it to the PivotTable?

 (a) Average

(b) Count

 (c) Min

 (d) Sum

Q55. You possess imagined a PivotTable and made some changes to values in the former groundsset from which the PivotTable was imagined. How does this assume the PivotTable?

 (a) The PivotTable is updated automatically when you make changes to the groundsset.

 (b) Changes in the groundsset do not assume the PivotTable until you reimagine the PivotTable.

(c) You must imagine a new PivotTable if you lack updated results in a PivotTable.

(d) The PivotTable is deleted from the workbook owing it is not up to bound.

Q56. What elucidations should you chosen for a PivotTable if you lack to allot a unanalogous distortion purpose and parade unanalogous satisfy distortions for main kind rows and lifeless lines amid the PivotTable?

(a) Banded Rows and Banded Columns stay boxes

 (b) Banded Columns stay box and a unanalogous PivotTable fashion

(c) Banded Rows stay box and a unanalogous PivotTable fashion

(d) A unanalogous PivotTable fashion merely

 Q57. You possess normal imagined a slicer for the Narrate scope in a PivotTable. Which of the aftercited does not particularize the moderate slicer?

 (a) The slicer molehills are set to exude out all memorials.

 (b) The slicer caption is State.

 (c) The slicer includes one post of narrate calls or abbreviations.

 (d) The slicer may parade on top of the PivotTable grounds.

 Q58. Which PivotTable congenial scope is set-rightly constructed to apportion a 20% tip on a maceration at a restaurant?

(a) =Meal Cost * 20%

(b) =‘Meal Cost’*.2

 (c) ="Meal Cost"*.2

 (d) =B5*1.2

Q59. You possess imagined a PivotChart showing sales by quarter by sales rep. Before presenting it to superintendence, you attend-to the call of a rep who has gone been fired. How do you transfer this rep from the chart outside deleting the grounds?

(a) Make the employee’s grounds points and axis titles invisible.

(b) You cannot delete the rep from the chart outside first deleting the grounds.

 (c) Exude the Sales Rep scope in the PivotChart and dechosen the employee’s stay box.

 (d) Hide that rep’s row(s) in the underlying register, which automatically transfers that rep from the chart.